Make Extra Money Without Working Another Job

You don’t need to take on a second job in order to make some extra cash. In fact, you don’t have to even leave the house in some cases. Who couldn’t use a little extra money to pay for things that you really need? Read on and we’ll explore some nifty money earning methods that can help you gain better control over your time and your budget.

Go Consignment: Gently used clothing, books, household items and the like can be sold on consignment. Find a local consignment shop that has a great reputation and take your goods over to them. Policies vary, but you’ll earn as much as 60% of the selling price on your goods, with the remaining funds going to the shop.

Hold a Garage or Yard Sale: How is it that some of your neighbors can hold monthly garage or yard sales? Who has that much stuff to sell? Well, some people make money selling used goods from their homes as they buy and resell items they accumulate through other sales. You don’t have to be that aggressive, but chances are you can come up with enough excess stuff once a year to hold a sale. Price everything right and have a decent selection of items and you should clean up $150, $200, or more with every sale.

Take Surveys: Your local mall is a great place to earn quick cash. Survey companies rent space at the mall to conduct to consumer surveys with mall shoppers. In many cases you can simply walk into the office and ask if they are conducting a survey which you are eligible to participate in. Chances are they are, if not you can give them your contact information and have them call you for the next survey. Earn anywhere from a few dollars up to $50 for your time and effort. Some surveys can be completed online; however, beware of the many scam offers on the internet!

Teach a Class: You don’t need a college degree to teach a craft or to give voice lessons. Your local adult or community school is always looking for capable and qualified individuals to fill staff positions. Even if a class in your subject area isn’t currently being taught, submit a curriculum proposal to the administration for their consideration. Most classes are taught once per week with very little preparation time required on your part.

With a little thinking and a lot of ingenuity on your part, you can realize a little bit of extra income without a whole lot of hassles!

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